Children on Construction Sites & Urban Slums

Accelerating Learning
Day Care for Migrant Children
Construction Industry in India, 2011
Ignored & Unheard 2012
Situational Analysis
For Children Under Six in Delhi - A Citizen’s Report, 2010
Strategies of Tackling Malnutrition
Of Children Under Six-Evidence from Two Micro studies, 2010
Distress Migration
Identity and Entitlements: A Study on Migrant Construction Workers & the Health Status of their Children in NCR, 2008
Sibling Care
Study on the Status of Children in Delhi Slums, 2002
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Reports of Consultations, Conventions & Public Hearings

Spotlight on the Young Child in Delh
A Consultation Report, 2009
Safety and Social Security
of Construction Workers Engaged in Major Projects in Delhi: a State Level Report, 2009
Labour Mobility & Rights of Children
Report of a Consultation on migrant labourers and rights of their children, 2006
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Dialogue with Government through Policy papers

Recommendation for a Five Year Plan
Strategy Plan (2011-16) for Ministry of WCD for Children (birth-6 years): by Mobile Creches
MC Note to the Standing Committee
ECCD Advocacy kit
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