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By the time you finish reading this sentence

1 child under 6 years of age would have died

Plight of the Under 6 in India


There are 20 million children under 6 years, living in poverty, in urban India - at construction sites, on the streets, in the slums. Their parents work for a daily wage, without any benefits from employers or social security from the state or any access to childcare, healthcare and schools. The children, in their most foundational years, suffer neglect, abuse and deprivation from the essentials of developmental care.

Every year 1.26 Million children die in India before reaching the age of 5

Source : Sample Registration System (SRS) 2013

0         -         6 months             -         3 years             -         6 years         -            12 years             -             18 years

MC set about devising a solution four decades ago

This, despite the scientific evidence that the first six years constitute the most formative stage of life and, hence, crucial for the child's development


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