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Our Work

We provide holistic development to children between the age(s) of birth to six while fighting for their rights nationally

The Child care serives at construction sites ensures creche services to 5,000 children of migrant workers, at 40 locations in Delhi/NCR. The Programme at 7 slum settlements in Delhi reaches out to 5000 children of slum dwellers, through family based interventions and access to state services.

MC Capacity Building Teams work with NGOs, state programmes, and communities
 across North India to provide training in childcare - knowledge, skills and attitude. Training assumes a critical role in our attempt to ensure delivery of a high quality programme in challenging circumstances.

MC’s ECD Partnerships, and Community Engagement targets all young children across India with the goal of policy change, effective legislations and improved services by way of institutional structures, quality, coverage and budgets, for the young child.

The Rationale for


Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)



The early childhood stage is the most critical period when the foundations for health, learning capacities and social behaviours are laid. Early, timely interventions can positively affect the life-long development of the child, while deprivation and neglect can cause irreparable damage. Research shows that 80% of brain development takes place during the first five years of a child’s life. And every rupee invested NOW gives a return that is 13 times the cost!




At the core of all MC initiatives is our centre-based Day Care Model, with its four major components - Health and Hygiene, Nutrition, Education and Community Communication – and the Childcare worker, as the lynchpin, at its very centre.




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