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Child Care Services

The MC Child Care Services comprises interventions by MC for Young Children at the construction sites of Delhi NCR and in the slum settlements of Delhi.

"After starting work at Mobile Creches I realised that I am laying the foundation of a child's life which was much more than just care."


Sapna , Creche Worker, Urban Day Care Centre

Daycare Child Care Services at Construction Sites

MC ensures childcare – health, nutrition, early learning and care – for birth-12 year old children living at the construction sites of Delhi (NCR). MC works in partnership with real estate developers and contractors, other NGO service providers and the government. Our goal is to persuade construction companies to institutionalize 'creches at all sites' as policy, capacitate other organisations to run childcare facilities at a workplace or in a neighbourhood, and strengthen the state system.

MC has three models in place to do the above:

MC takes full responsibility to set up and manage the 9-5, 6 days/week crèche programme, with trained MC staff and MC quality norms and part monetary support from the builder.

MC takes the responsibility of identifying and training other NGO-service-providers; negotiating with builders for infrastructure and funds; facilitating their partnership, setting up of the crèche and close monitoring in the first year to ensure that quality of services is maintained.

Builder takes full responsibility to manage and fully finance the crèche, after initial set up, staff training, and subsequent on-going supervision by MC.

For a complete list of our Builder Partners please refer to our

A quarter of India’s urban population lives in poverty, in the slums. MC works in 7 settlements in Delhi with a population of 40,000. MC collaborates with NGO networks, urban local bodies and people’s representatives to implement the following strategies to enhance supply and strengthen demand for quality childcare services:

  • Creating awareness around child related issues

  • Building community groups and mobilising a common voice around childcare

  • Enabling young families to adopt best childcare practices

  • Delivering comprehensive childcare services through a replicable day care model

  • Strengthening the flagship government programme, the ICDS, for quality and coverage

Urban Slums

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