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Corporate Partners

For MC, partnership with members of the corporate sector is a way to problem-solve: it opens the doors to funds, skills and a different way of functioning. For the partner, in turn, its a window to everything that gets clubbed under ‘social cost and benefit’: real people, real problems and real solutions.


Team building opportunities through employee engagement


Compliance with CSR/other industry mandates

Impact report of your investment

Online/offline acknowledgements

Employee Engagement Programme

Commit to our organisation’s goals and contribute to our success at providing care to the construction labour children while being able to enhance your own sense of well being.

You can help in building a child's future by donating a small part of your salary every month. It is purely voluntary for as little as Rs. 1000 per month.

Payroll Giving

Become our benefactor by supporting our events and activities financially or through provision of products or services.

Event Sponsorship

Help us build a child's future by providing vital assistance for our programs in cash, kind or time.

Project Support

Happy To Help

For personalised donation options contact our Resource Mobilisation team at 

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