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Laying Strong Foundations   

for the development of children

for more than 50 years

Indian Government has recognised Mobile Creches as a

 ‘ Technical Resource in Early Childhood ’

Mobile Creches is a pioneering organisation working for the

right of marginalised children to Early Childhood Development

Our work spans from grassroot level interventions to policy advocacy at the national level.


Who We Are


The Problem

Every year, 1.26 million children die in India before reaching the age of five due to lack of care and protection which leads to malnourishment, and various other preventable diseases.

- Sample Registration System (SRS) 2013

Early Childhood Development


Our Solution


Our Solution Includes

With grass root experience of over four and a half decades, Mobile Creches holds expertise in Early Childhood Care and Development. We have come a long way - from services at building sites, to building platforms to lobby for all marginalised young children.

Our Impact

100 network partners

100 network partners

8,67,000 children reached

8,67,000 children reached

6500 women trained

6500 women trained

1000+ day care centres

1000+ day care centres

250 builder partners

250 builder partners

Co-Founded FORCES

Co-Founded FORCES

Forum for Creche & Childcare Services

Why us


ECD, the cornerstone of lifelong learning and health and a level playing field

Value for Money

Administrative costs to programme costs in the ratio of 1:10 


Experienced team, rooted to the ground and transparent in process


Need-based and time- tested day care models with a replicable core


TIMES NOW 'Amazing Indian Award' - 2013

Plan India: Best Design & Implementation -  Non-Global Awards -  2014

Chosen to partner Grand Challenges Canada in their scaling solutions initiative -  2014

'Most Committed NGO of the year' by  Early Childhood Association - 2013

Platinum Certificate, Guide Star India - 2018, 2019


Our Supporters

MC has a diverse set of supporters with varying vintages and degrees of involvement in what it does.

Their contributions range from one-off donations, volunteer interactions and project-based partnerships to a longer term engagement in programme, and financial support that runs for many years across multiple functions. 

Press Stories

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