Please help respond to the pandemic situation on the ground, affecting millions of migrant workers and their children.


COVID 19 has caused extremely difficult and uncertain times for people around the world. But it is hardest for the poorest, most marginal, historically oppressed people. Among the poor in India, the women and children are the worst hit due to their invisibility and high incidence of under-nutrition. Hunger still looms large in our country. What is most heartbreaking is to see and read about the horrendous difficulties faced by the poorest migrant families, including their children. We see the breakdown of humanity, whilst hordes of migrant labor undertake the long march to 'home'. Except they end nowhere, belong to no one. 

Mobile Creches (MC), since its inception in 1969, worked with the unorganized workforce, through its crèche and daycare centers for young children of women working as construction workers, domestic help, waste pickers, street vendors, and other types of vulnerable daily wage work. The organization has always stepped up as a first responder in times of crisis, like the Delhi riots 1984, displacement during Asiad games in the 1980s, or more recently during the Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi riots 2020, supporting the most vulnerable families and their young children.


During the lockdown, MC has continued to remain connected with its communities of poor and vulnerable young children, their working mothers and the migrant unorganized workforce at large, in the following ways:

  • Crèche teams call each family daily to ensure children are safe, healthy and fed. Families are safe, staying at their locations and have enough food to survive on a day-to-day basis.

  • Frontline teams are supporting community leaders/ construction site in-charges to map households in the area, track supplies, and inform about immediate food requirements.

  • Team leaders are ensuring correct information about precautions, prevention against coronavirus infections are communicated daily through frontline teams to individual families and checking on practices.

  • Team leaders are communicating government announcements about the lockdown, food, shelter, testing, helplines, community kitchen and similar messages that are relevant for each city/area, to the frontline teams for onwards awareness creation.

  • MC is coordinating with local organisations, youth clubs, kirana stores, government teams to expedite linking dry ration / cooked food to most needy communities on the ground.

  • MC is collaborating with partners who run crèches at construction and urban poor sites across India, offering resources, and solidarity.


All the above put together is not adequate to respond to the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the ground. We are reaching out for your support to HELP urgently to respond to survival and safety requirements of migrant workers. And their children.


Provide immediate relief to 50,000 migrant households trapped in the COVID 19 crisis, at worksites, slums, shelter homes, temporary settlements, across India:

  1. Dry rations containing rice, atta, dal

  2. Survival kits containing cooking oil, salt, sugar, turmeric (haldi), milk powder, soap


The cost per household for one month is: Rs. 3000


Your support will cover:

  • Poor families excluded from government PDS entitlements, because they do not have ration cards

  • Construction workers left without work, at construction sites

  • Unregistered construction workers who will not benefit from government’s PMGKY packages that covers only the workers registered under state labour boards

  • Families with young children who require immediate food so as to not slip further down in malnutrition levels

  • Displaced, homeless families who are staying in temporary camps

  • Any other poor family who has no income, no resources for basic survival


MC will conduct its relief operations:

  • Directly through its network of community leaders, local supervisors

  • Through partner network across India, and their local resources

  • Tap into existing supply and procurement system and expand it immediately to meet needs at the local level to the extent possible, so that transportation and people’s movement remains minimal.

  • Collaborate with supply chain systems, agencies already on the ground

  • Ensure government entitlements are accessed and not duplicated

  • Follow all safety precautions and distribution protocols as per government


MC will offer you in return:

  • Gratitude. Acknowledgment through website, newsletter, SM, annual report

  • 50% tax exemption based on 80G certificate

  • Photographs of distribution across various locations

  • Records of the number of kits distributed

  • Financial utilization statement

  • A feeling of solidarity. A mechanism to do your national duty.


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*Please avoid making cheque payments if you can, since we are working from home and bank deposit options are not available during the lockdown.











































Contact: For donation related queries: Sweta Bhatacharjee at sweta.bh@mobilecreches.org

For relief distribution-related queries: Chavi Vohra at chavi.v@mobilecreches.org

Indian Donors

Name: Mobile Creches for Working Mother’s Children

Account Number:  00031110004603

Bank Name:  HDFC Bank

Branch Address:  209-214, Kailash Building/26, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110001

IFSC Code:  HDFC0000003

MICR : 110240001  



Foreign Donors  


Name: Mobile Creches for Working Mother’s Children

Account Number:  52510089417

Bank Name:  Standard Chartered Bank

Branch Address:  10, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001

IFSC Code:  SCBL0036027

MICR : 110036011

Swift Code : SCBLINBBDEL52510089417



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